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New Part Additions from Nitro Gear       
Corvette Parts has expanded its Drive Line Parts and Accessories for 1963 to 2007
Differential & Suspension with Nitro Gear Ring & Pinions - CNC Lapped, Precision Heat
Treat and carry a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
Nitro Gear C3 & C4 Differential Side Axles (yokes) :  1963-'79 U-Bolt and Big Block
Treaded Yoke, 1980-81 Automatic yokes, 1980-81 Manual & all 1982 yokes, 1984-96
Dana 44HD side axles.

Positractions:   ARB, TJM, Eaton/Detroit Locker, Auburn, Truetrac & Lock Right.  All
positractions carry a manufacturer's warranty of up to 2 Years.  Heavy Duty Parts for
Dana 36, if you have a D-36 with an automatic there are heavy duty options that will
make it live on the tracK.

C5 & C6 Getrag Differentials      
     1997-2011  Differentials Re-manufactured
C5 1997-2004 & C6 2005-2007 Gear Conversions to 3.73, 3.90 and
4.10 Ratio Ring & Pinions
C6 2005-2007 Differentials Stock and Modified

Bolt-In, Completely Assembled C5 & C6 Differentials with any of
the ratios we offer.  Note:  For  C6 2005 differential core must be

Corvette Parts offers a high level of component preparation, build-
up quality and performance up-grades including
Off-Set Heat Treating,  cryogenic treated gears sets or more traditional
methods of stress relieving.

1997-2007 DIFFERENTIAL Gear Sets
Pictured is a Getrag Differential 1997 & Up Ring & Pinion 27 Spline

Nitro Ring & Pinions are original equipment quality and are among
the best in the industry. Computer Numerical Control Machining,
Precision Heat Treating Processes & Computer controlled fine gear
lapping ensures ease of installation, excellent contact patterns
        and a quiet-running setup.

Corvette, 1980-82 Corvette, 1984-96 Corvette Dana 36 & Dana 44-HD,
1997-04 C5 Corvette Getrag, 2005-07 C6 Corvette Getrag
1963-1979 Differentials        
                            Re manufactured Differential  with New Gear
                            Sets, Posi Clutch Pack, Posi Cross Shaft  and
                            Retaining Screw, Timken Bearing (6), CR Seals
                            (3), Shims, spacer, internal bolts,Pinion Nut.         
                             3 year warranty that includes no gear noise.   

                            TECH NOTE:  There are 2 different size pinion flanges



Nitro Ring & Pinions
1963-1979 differential
ring & pinion sets for c5 & c6 differentials
Assemblied C5 differential