1984-1996 Brake System Components

Master Cylinders
5-year warranty



Brake Lines
Flexible, stainless steel, will not expand like rubber lines,
for controlled braking. Replaces rubber lines.
1984-1987 per car set                                                              

1988-1993 per car set         

Power Vacuum Boosters
All models. 1 Year Warranty.

$299.00 and up

Brake Upgrade Kit

Upgrade dual piston caliper for 1984-1987; 13" rotor,
all mounting hardware,
brake lines, pads (intended for 17" wheels).
Adds 25% increase in braking power.

New AC Delco Calipers
For 1984-1987 and 1988-1995 brake systems.
Remanufactured to highest quality specifications. Limited 5 year
'84-'87 RF or LF         $79.00
'84-'87 RR or LR        $75.00
'88-'94 RF or LF         $125.00
'88-'94 RR or LR        $155.00

Heavy-Duty (1988 & up)
Front Brake Caliper (NEW only)

*Indicates items sold on an exchange basis, and cores must be received first for
exchange price. Items also sold outright (no core) at higher price. VP reserves
the right to refuse as exchange any damaged cores not suitable for safe
rebuilding. Sleeved calipers accepted for re-sleeving. Prices subject to change
without notice. No refunds - store credit only.

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1984-1996 Brake systems & parts
C4 master cylinder
stainless steel flex lines
dual piston calipers with rotors up-grade kit
1984 power booster
new caliper assemblies
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