We carry a full range of corvette differentials  
and Rear suspension from complete
differentials and USA parts to complete Trailing
Arm Assemblies.

Up to 5 year limited warranties with No Gear
noise included on Differentials and life time
warranties on all Trail Arm Assemblies.

Complete Remanufactured 1963-79 corvette
differentials with  CNC Pre-Lapped New Ring &
Pinion, Timken or Koyo USA bearings, CR seals,
Eaton clutch pack with retainers, New side stub
axles and a GM cover.                                     
$1895.00 freight included, no core charge.

(1963-1979  Left Photo)
Re-manufactured Corvette Differential  with a
New CNC Pre-lapped Ring & Pinion, Eaton Clutch
Pack with retainers, Posi  Cross Shaft  and
Retaining Screw, Timken Bearings or Koyo USA
(6), CR Seals (3), Shims, Crush Collar, Ring Gear
Bolts (10), Pinion Nut with hardened
washer.         5 year street warranty that includes
no gear noise.   
$855.00  with core in.
TECH NOTE:  There are 2 different size pinion yokes

Available Gear Ratios:  3:08, 3.23, 3:36, 3:55, 3:73,
3.90, 4:11, 4:33 and 4.56.  

Please call for current core charge.

New Eaton Positraction with 800 lb Springs and
Carbon Fiber Clutches  $637.00

NEW EATON Complete Positractions
3-Series 2.72-3.90    $568.00 (All Thick gears any
4-Series 4.10 & Up   $568.00  (for thin ring gears)

AUBURN PRO Positractions 1963-1979
3-Series 2.72-3.90     $599.00
4-Series  4.10 & Up   $599.00
This Auburn is a Heavy Duty unit.

1980-1982 Dana 44 Differential
Re manufactured Differential with New Dana
Gear Set, Dana Clutch Pack, Posi Cross Shaft,  
Timken Bearings (6), CR Seals (3), Shims & Ring
gear bolts, pinion nut. 5 year street warranty that
includes no gear noise.  
$869.00 with core in.                                            
(for 3.31 gear set add $100.00)

AS OUTRIGHT ( No Core Charge)

1980-82 Re-manufactured with New Gear Set
Outright with no core charge, Freight Free

Available Gear Ratios:  2:72 (call), 2:87, 3:07,3.31,
3.42,  3:54,  3:73, 3.92, 4.10, 4.27, 4.55

All 1963-1979 and 1980-1982.
Same ratio rebuilds with core in:   $689.00

Includes: Timken or Koyo USA Bearings (6), CR
Seals (3), Eaton or Dana Posi Clutch Pack with
Retainers, Posi cross shaft, shims, crush collar
where applicable, Ring Gear Bolts (10), Pinion
Nut with hardened washer.               
5 Year street warranty that includes no gear

Rear Leaf Spring Hardware Kit
Allows ride height adjustments as well as side-to-side leveling.
* 2 Grade 8 bolts with grade 8 Nyloc retaining nuts
* 4 Cushions
* 4 Cushion retainers
* 4 Plates for mounting the rear leaf spring

NEW Half-Shafts 1963-1982 includes U-Joints and Flange
1963 to 1979  21/2" or 3'    $169.00 Each

1980-81 w/Manual Transmission     $189.00
1980-81 w/Automatic Transmission $189.00
1882 All               $167.00

Trailing Arms- New Bare
$190.00 each Bare Arm

Replace those worn rusted trailing arms, complete with bushings
installed. Bring back that new car feeling.

OEM Trailing Arm Alignment Shim Kit In Stainless Steel

Your rear alignment could be effected by rust-out alignment shims.
Replace those rusted shims, improve handling, and reduce rear tire
wear. Kit for 2 arms includes alignment shims (4 different sizes), 2 Grade
5 mounting pivot bolts, cotter pins, and castle nuts, this kit does both

Trailing Arm Mounting Pivot Bolts
Anchors bolt to frame, threw arm.

Caliper Mounting Bolts
With lock nut and washer (mounts t-arm to spindle)

Spindle Flange Castellated Nut

Complete Trailing Arm Assembly with New Arm
$685.00 Each ( w/o rotor)

New, complete, and ready to bolt-on. This trailing arm is blueprinted
and professionally fitted using all new factory components, with new
heat treated and radius ground emergency brake shoes, and stainless
steel emergency brake hardware kit installed. Assemblies manufactured
with NEW:

* Limited Lifetime Warranty with unlimited mileage
* Anchor bolt                                                 
* Inner & outer seals
* Shim and spacer
* Spindle nut & washer
* Splash shield
* SS Emergency brake hardware
* T-arm bushing set
* T-arm studs & nuts
* Trailing arm
* Wheel studs
* Bearing support
* Caliper mounting bolts
* Caliper bracket
* Drive spindle
* Emergency brake shoes
* French locks
* Guide plate
* Inner dust shield
* Inner & outer bearing
* Inner & outer races
AVAILABLE WITH NEW ROTOR $745.00 Each Assembly

Drive Spindles (Rear axles)

NEW manufactured 4340 HR ASQ/SBQ material, upset forge and
induction harden at factory. We obtain production runs of this premium
drive spindle, which enables this unit to be reasonably priced. Includes
new wheel studs. Made in the U.S.A.

Spindle Flanges(1963-1979) $ 89.00

U-Joint Flange $ $65.00     

Manual one piece flange    1980-1981   $91.00
All 1982      

Auto one piece flange    1980-1981       $91.00


Remanufactured Trailing Arm Assembly 1965-1982
Remanufactured w/ Rear Wheel Bearing
$285.00 w/exchange*  Lifetime Limited Warranty

Exchange units are blueprinted to factory specifications and completely
assembled with NEW:

* Anchor
* Cable guide
* Caliper mounting bolts
* Emergency brake components
* Guide plate
* Inner & outer bearing
* Inner & outer races

1963-1965 Drum Brake Models available.

Remanufactured Trailing Arm assemblies are also available with NEW
ROTOR   $319.00 (with standard rotor)
Premium Rotor Add $25.00

Remanufactured  $219.00 w/exchange* Lifetime Limited Warranty

Units are remanufactured using your drive spindle, spindle (bearing)
support, and caliper mounting bracket. Assemblies are blueprinted to
meet or exceed GM specifications. Professionally fitted with NEW:

* Anchor bolt
* Caliper mounting bolts
* Emergency brake components
* French locks
* Guide plate
* Inner dust shield
* Inner & outer bearing
* Inner & outer races

NEW Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly
$460.00 Each  Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Blueprinted unit, is precision assembled using all NEW USA factory
components for years of trouble-free maintenance. Does not require an
exchange. These assemblies are manufactured with NEW:

* Anchor bolt
* Bearing support
* Caliper bracket
* Caliper mounting bolts
* Drive spindle
* French locks
* Guide plate
* Inner dust shield

NEW Rear Wheel Bearing Assembly w/New Rotor               
$499.00 (Pictured LEFT)
Precision aligned and matched to the drive spindle.
Lifetime warranty.

HEAVY DUTY TRAILING ARMS                    
$480.00 Pair                               

Improve bearing life. Will meet factory alignment specifications. Off-set
arms will center 10" wheels. Allows up to 2" over the standard tire size
and will match the same recommended factory alignment. Constructed
from 1/4" "C" channel, which will not allow any water retention inside
the arm. Coated with a special application of power coating. The units
come complete with polyurethane bushings.

Reproduction of Original Style Strut Rods
V39282 1968-1974 (1.200" Outside Diameter Bushing)
VA7113 1975-1979 (1.390" Outside Diameter Bushing)
VA7114 1980-1982 (1.390" Outside Diameter Bushing)  
Corvette Differentials, Corvette Parts 1963-1982
1963-1982 CORVETTE DIFFERENTIALS, Corvette Differentials
1963-1982 Corvette Differentials, Positractions, Trailing Arms, Corvette Rear Suspension & Parts
We carry a full range of Differentials, Suspension to complete Trailing Arm
assemblies with New Arms
561-572-5323   Email:   VettePartfinder@aol.com
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corvette 1963-1979 rear suspension and differential
half shafts with u-joints
view of shim assembly into frame
new rear forged axles
differential side axles (yokes) new
rebuilt spindle without arm
Posi gears
new stock strut rods with bushings
* Inner & outer bearing
* Inner & outer races
* Inner & outer seals
* Splash shield
* Strut, lever & pin
* Shim & spacer
* Spindle nut & washer
* Wheel studs
* Limited Lifetime warranty
*Indicates items sold on an exchange basis, and cores must be received first for
exchange price. Items   also sold outright (no core) at higher price. CP reserves the
right to refuse as exchange any damaged cores not suitable for safe rebuilding.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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* Inner dust shield
* Shim & spacer
* T-arm bushing set
* Spindle nut & washer
* T-arm studs & nuts
* Splash shield
* Wheel studs
* Limited Lifetime Warranty
Heavy duty Offset Trailing arm
rebuilt spindle assembly with rotor
remanufactured trailing arm with rotor
another view of new trailing arm assembly
Trailing arm bolt kit mounts to frame
c3 differential and pinion flanges
rear axle flange 1963-1979
half shaft companion flange
raer axle flange 1980-1982
new barerear  trailing arm 1965-1982
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Ring & Pinions
1963-1979 differential
new Eaton positraction complete
completed 1963-1979 differential ready for shipment
corvette parts online
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1980-1982 Differential
Side Axles

* Inner dust shield
* Shim & spacer
* T-arm bushing set
* Spindle nut & washer
* T-arm studs & nuts
* Splash shield
* Wheel studs
* Limited Lifetime Warranty
Pictured  Above, NEW  10-17
Gears for All EATON
CORVETTE Positractions
1965-1979 $239.00 Matched set
of 4 with Precision Heat Treat.
3-SERIES 2.73-3.73   $455.00
4-SERIES  3.90 & UP  $455.00
See our selection of 3-series direct fit Ring &
Pinion Gear Sets.

3-SERIES 2.73-3.73  $496.00
4-SERIES  3.90 & UP  $496.00
new Eaton positraction complete
Rebuilt 1980-82
Forged Spindles after final machining.
Made in the U.S.A.